Your business deserves technologies that complement each other.

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Video surveillance, audio/visual, access control, and computers, all use the Internet and operate on the same network. Shouldn't a single organization design and support them?
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Business Technology is Different

  • Few business tools have the immediate, substantial, and long-lasting impact of technology.

    • Technology effectiveness and cost benefit is difficult to measure.

    • It is difficult to determine if technology is appropriately designed, appropriately priced, and operating as designed.

    • Technology services require a unique level of trust.

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Your Business is Different

  • The appropriate technology solution for one business may not be appropriate for another.
  • Businesses have different visions for reliance on technology.
  • Businesses have different expectations for technology performance.
  • Businesses often integrate technology into their workflow differently.
  • Businesses tolerate disruptions differently.
  • Businesses' preference for the role of business technology differs.
  • Businesses' ability or willingness to expend funds for technology varies.

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Xactec is Different

  • We embrace that technology is a unique service.
  • We understand that for many organizations technology is unique in its ability to differentiate their business.
  • We are passionate in the belief that technology is unique in its ability to help monitor and manage costs, communicate more effectively, and reduce time and materials waste.
  • Our commitment to complementary solutions ensures you will make one call to resolve questions or problems.

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I hired Xactec to help set up my IT needs during the construction of my dental office. It was very convenient because they not only ran my cabling, but they installed the XM radio, set up speakers throughout the office, installed an alarm system, set up my telephones, and mounted and connected TVs in my reception room and operatories. They did an excellent job with the work, were prompt, and very organized. I would highly recommend them for your home or office technology solutions.
Stensland Dental Studio

Technology Services Are Built on Trust.

Trust that your systems are configured as the manufacturer designed, trust they are operating as designed, and trust repairs, expansions, and enhancements are the proper balance of performance, efficiency, and cost.