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A Good Backup Is Not Your Real Objective

Backups are just one of several important steps toward your real objective – recovering to normal operations. The only purpose of a backup is to enable recovery. Most backups will never be noticed or used. Almost every recovery will be high profile and very important.

You should carefully plan and exercise your data recovery process. Your plan should include multiple backups. If a backup is corrupt or doesn’t have the data version you need then you will have other options. Your plan may need the ability to restore portions of your total backup. Your plan should specify how long it will take to execute. A plan to get you back in service in 2 hours will cost more than a plan to get you back in service in 3 days. Your plan should specify if you need a way to operate while the restore is in process.

Carefully consider what data is important as you design your recovery plan to ensure important information is recoverable in the time-frame you need. Get a professional technologist to go over your recovery plan to ensure it is achievable, reliable, and within your budget. A professional technologist can help you test your recovery plan without jeopardizing your current data.

If you don’t know the details of your backup and how a recovery will actually occur, you aren’t finished planning.

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