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Forever Passwords Get Around

Managing passwords is simply managing risk. You probably don’t lock your car inside your locked garage but then again you may depend where you live, the “likely target” value of your car, what you have in it, and your comfort with others able to access your garage.
If you can access the Internet from your computer there is high potential that others have access to your computer (if you can get out the likelihood is higher others can get in). Your network configuration should minimize that access but program installs and updates can make changes unknown to you.
Passwords add a level of risk management by locking the computer and encouraging both the casual and intentional intruder to go elsewhere but….. the offender may have targeted you because they obtained your username and password from a website they hacked, an email from you that they saw on another computer system, or a sticky pad in your office or seat of your car in a parking lot.
We use passwords everywhere and it is very difficult to keep track of where we have used them. We seldom know whether a username and password we enter remains uncompromised.
Our only option with current technology and systems is to periodically change passwords consistent with your determination of risk based on three questions:
• What lose or harm might I suffer if I left my computer(s) on in the middle of a busy park overnight?
• How much do I care if someone presents themselves as me?
• Do I put others at risk if I become an entry point into a computer or network?

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