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Close Doors You Aren’t Using

Keep an eye on computer and network doors! Don’t leave them open if you aren’t using them. The keyboard and mouse connections are obvious and require the user to be present but the network connection to your computer does not require physical presence.
We usually only unlock doors in our home that we intend to use. We do this to reduce the risk that when we aren’t paying attention or are away, someone may use the unlocked door to gain uninvited access.
Your computer and network are the same. They are designed with scores of doors called ports which are intended to give various services access they need to operate as designed. Ports that are not needed should be closed to minimize their misuse.
You should check with a technology professional to determine what doors (ports) are open and help you make the appropriate decisions for you. Closing all unused ports is the ideal but also carries some risk that additional changes will be required as you add or update various computer programs in your system.

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