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It Was Essential At The Time


In the fall of 2002 I was Director of IT overseeing a flurry of activity as the company I worked for approached our January 1 enterprise software launch. The new software would consolidate our project management, service management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, and manufacturing. I worked very hard and was stressed. Fortunately the roll-out was completed as planned.
Thirteen years later I doubt anyone but me remembers the hours, effort, and worry I expended. Our children were teenagers and did not take note at the time and don’t remember now. They do recall dinnertime and details of our family routine. They recall very clearly who sat where and why, who was the picky eater, the types of meals we ate, and my amusing habit of stating, “this is my favorite meal” regardless of what Mom had prepared.
The new software we installed was important and supported the longevity of the company but it has been replaced again since then. Many professional activities I’ve undertaken don’t exhibit the lasting value I imagined but everything that strengthened our family has remained. I was blessed meeting the right girl who kept our family in balance and focused on things that would give our children the character and education to achieve more than their parents.
Today our children are grown and two have children of their own. By action and example they are teaching our grandchildren the faith, integrity, compassion, and courage they developed under the guidance of their Mom and the blessings of the Divinely inspired structure of family.
This Thanksgiving season I am particularly thankful that the Lord knows my real goals even when I do not.

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