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Systems are called systems for a reason

Too many chefs spoil the broth…….again this week. The Xactec team is on a project and tasked with terminating, testing, and labeling cables for smart televisions, WIFI access points, telephones, computer networking, etc on a large construction job. The electricians and cable television provider have done their part pulling cable through the building and have moved on. Xactec just began our part but already hit a snag. I had to inform the site superintendent that the single analog phone cable run to each of the 30 or so suites won’t support the suite telephone as well as the several smart television network drops installed in each suite and awaiting a cable back to the communications closet. I had to inform him that none of the common area cables (computer networking, smart television, WIFI access points, telephone, music, etc) for the lobby, offices, and hallways made it to the communications closet and that it appears some cables runs were never started.

Walls and hard ceilings are installed. Most surfaces have their first coat of paint. Some of the building will have to be disassembled to correct the oversight.

The cause is all too common – nobody was assigned overall responsibility for the low voltage SYSTEM. The cabling team did not have responsibility for what was to happen in the suite so lacked the vision to detect that a single cable was insufficient. No one with an understanding of low voltage system requirements had been assigned to manage the complete system.

Proper design and implementation of a quality low voltage infrastructure requires thoughtful planning can be more complex than most the other trades yet is often overlooked. Ensure your next project has low voltage experts plan and execute your low voltage system just as you do other system. Systems are called systems for a reason.

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