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Guaranteeing Customers Save In 2016 Or We Pay Them!

There is no better way to start 2016 than reducing company expenses!

Xactec Unified Communications Services is more product for less money which enables me to make a $50 promise to save our customers real cash while upgrading their phone service. Our commitment is simple. We will:

      • Save customers ATLEAST 10% on their recurring phone bill


      • Pay them $50 (or give them an hour of free technical support).

It’s simple and no risk for me. Xactec Unified Communications Services are a sure bet for our customers and for Xactec.


After competing with major carriers in 2015 it has become clear that our product is:


      • More flexible (ex. our phone extensions can be put any standard Internet connection regardless of the service provider);
      • More featured (ex. we provide our customers a management portal so they can make their own adds, moves, and changes);
      • Less costly (ex. our last head-to-head quote was 24% less than COX and they had fewer features and less flexibility).

But that is not all!

  • Our customers can purchase or lease their phones;
  • Our contract terms are very flexible (we don’t insist on one-size-fits-all);
  • Our support responds to our customers’ schedule and needs;
  • Our customers have immediate access to scores of reports about calls and call patterns;
  • Our customers receive onsite training and support as they become familiar with the phones and how to administer them;
  • Our customers NEVER reach a faceless call center when seeking support;
  • And on, and on, and on….all our Customers need is to currently have a phone and broadband (high speed) Internet connection.

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