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Reflection Season


Maybe we spend too much time reflecting this time of year but here I am.  I am very thankful for the opportunities, challenges, and achievement these last 12 months.  Surprisingly, the occasional missed opportunity, lost bid, and mistake remind me that success and disaster are just moments apart.  I am re-energized by the reminder that perseverance, hard work, hope, and God’s hand reward our efforts with the priceless gifts of accomplishment, appreciation, learning, patience, and new opportunities.

We are proud to have completed several major undertakings including projects at Parkside and Patrick Henry Resorts in Williamsburg, Richmond International Airport, Anderson’s Home and Garden Center in Virginia Beach, Colonial Williamsburg, Magnolia Green in Richmond, and Thomas Nelson Community College in both Hampton and Williamsburg.


The close of 2016 finds Xactec with a highly cohesive team enjoying shared goals of customer service and product excellence.  We laugh frequently, have some new babies in our Xactec extended family, and enjoy the freedom to hold each other accountable.  Xactec has never been so healthy.  We are thankful that our mistakes have been minor and our cherished customers have allowed us to make things right.

We have downsized in recent years as the products we deliver require less labor.  I find a blessing in smallness that I did not know before.  We continue to learn our trade and business methods better so we can continue to be the best business-to-business partner in Tidewater and Greater Richmond region.


I know just a couple things about tomorrow.  We will remain faithful to our ideals, treating other businesses as we wish to be treated and will continually push ourselves to deliver the best product on the Peninsula.  We will invite accountability from our customers and each other.  We will focus on these principles and leave the results for God to decide.

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