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Automated Business Solutions (Xactec) began in 1991 focusing on implementation and maintenance of IBM midrange computers and related software.

We began providing PC support in the late 1990’s to support the trend toward using PCs as midrange terminals. The PC developed a following of its own and our PC and computer networking business and related consulting was born.

Concurrent with our increasing focus on computers and computer networking we began delivering cabled, wireless, and fiber optic based networking solutions.

The growing popularity of IP telephones and their close integration with computer networks made them a natural fit in our suite of technical solutions for small businesses. In 2005 we added telephones (IP and digital) to our list of solutions for small business.

As the need for quality voice, video, and data cabling in new construction increased in early 2006 we responded. We secured our Virginia Class A Contractor’s license (ESC/FAS) to support any infrastructure (copper, fiber optics, and wireless). We hold a Virginia Private Security Services Business license.

The rapid expansion of Cloud Solutions has demanded we apply our understanding of this new paradigm. Some assert Cloud Solutions are always cheaper, always more reliable, and always more secure. These assertions are not always true and not always your best business decision. Business leaders need full information to make sound technical decisions about their organization and its future. We are pleased to offer unbiased advice.

As you grow, we will be here to help.