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Access Control and Networking?  Yes!  Access Control is more than just swiping your card to open a door.  Access Control is now an integral part of your network with network and cloud functionality, such as:


  • Employ clock-in/clock-out via fingerprint when you know they are onsite.  Absolutely foolproof.




  • Initiate video recording only when someone enters the protected space and monitor that each person entering uses their own authorization.




  • No door keys to hand out only to be lost or shared; access is created, modified, and removed in moments locally or remotely.


And many other uses we will be happy to discuss with you.
Select any combination of keypad code, fingerprint, or FOB for your particular need or situation and leave key management behind!
Grant temporary access, schedule access times, disable all access during non-working hours. Revoke access without changing locks.

Record successful and unsuccessful access attempts.