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Reflection Season

Yesterday Maybe we spend too much time reflecting this time of year but here I am.  I am very thankful for the opportunities, challenges, and achievement these last 12 months.  Surprisingly, the occasional missed opportunity, lost bid, and mistake remind me that success and disaster are just moments apart.  I am re-energized by the reminder […]

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Ignore Your Cyber Security Exposure and You Just as Well Cancel Your Business Insurance

The chance you will experience a disruptive Cyber Security Event is much more likely than that you will experience a traditional Business Insurance Event! The rate of hacks and ransom-ware attacks on small business is staggering.  What could our small companies possibly have of interest to bad people?  Actually we have a profile that some […]

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Guaranteeing Customers Save In 2016 Or We Pay Them!

There is no better way to start 2016 than reducing company expenses! Xactec Unified Communications Services is more product for less money which enables me to make a $50 promise to save our customers real cash while upgrading their phone service. Our commitment is simple. We will: Save customers ATLEAST 10% on their recurring phone […]

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Systems are called systems for a reason

Too many chefs spoil the broth…….again this week. The Xactec team is on a project and tasked with terminating, testing, and labeling cables for smart televisions, WIFI access points, telephones, computer networking, etc on a large construction job. The electricians and cable television provider have done their part pulling cable through the building and have […]

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It Was Essential At The Time

In the fall of 2002 I was Director of IT overseeing a flurry of activity as the company I worked for approached our January 1 enterprise software launch. The new software would consolidate our project management, service management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, and manufacturing. I worked very hard and was stressed. Fortunately the […]

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Close Doors You Aren’t Using

Keep an eye on computer and network doors! Don’t leave them open if you aren’t using them. The keyboard and mouse connections are obvious and require the user to be present but the network connection to your computer does not require physical presence. We usually only unlock doors in our home that we intend to […]

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Forever Passwords Get Around

Managing passwords is simply managing risk. You probably don’t lock your car inside your locked garage but then again you may depend where you live, the “likely target” value of your car, what you have in it, and your comfort with others able to access your garage. If you can access the Internet from your […]

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A Good Backup Is Not Your Real Objective

Backups are just one of several important steps toward your real objective – recovering to normal operations. The only purpose of a backup is to enable recovery. Most backups will never be noticed or used. Almost every recovery will be high profile and very important. You should carefully plan and exercise your data recovery process. […]

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Time To Toss The Office Phone?

As your phone system ages you will be facing a decision whether to replace it with a similar system or one based on other available architectures.  Your choices are clear but which to choose is not.  Is the rush to cloud-based telephone systems the best solution for you or just the best solution for those […]

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