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Stolen data containing information about your company, your employees, or your customers is REAL and can cost BIG.  A recent American Express article reported that 1/3 of targeted hacks are against companies of 250 employees or less! Alie Perkus wrote that the cost to get your data released STARTS at about $300 – if you ever do get it back after paying the ransom.

Hacks come in many forms but stolen information (company, employee, customer) and denial-of-service (locked systems pending a ransom payment) are particularly damaging.

We have an experienced Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on staff that can work with you at your pace to identify and address your security (an liability) issues.

We have a low-pressure, common sense plan to fit any budget because we know that our role is to help you manage your business risk, not to sell you expensive tools and studies you don’t find appropriate for your business.

We offer an honest and confidential assessment to answer your questions and provide you recommendations.  Maybe you just want us to test (a friendly hack) the security your IT provider has in place.