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Selecting a computer support or IT services company that focuses only on your computers no longer works.  Your IT provider must be proficient in all parts of your computer network system (which may include video camera, access control, surveillance camera, or telephone systems).  The total system includes the computers and networking components plus cabling, software, peripherals, and Internet carrier.  Xactec’s IT support, solutions, and services are not limited to fixing computers.

Xactec will minimize your risk of intrusion related outages and the number of unwanted emails by ensuring your defenses are current and functioning properly.

  • malware protection (protection from malicious programs designed to damage you or your hardware in some way)

  • adware protection (protection from malicious programs designed to display unwanted advertisements)

  • spam filtering (protection from unwanted email generally from unknown senders)

  • Select the Monthly Support Plan that fits your organizational needs and budget.
    * per device pricing (ask about volume discounts)
Antivirus Only
Malware Protection Protection from malicious programs designed to damage you or your hardware
Adware Protection Protection from malicious programs designed to display unwanted advertisements
Automatic Virus Updates Ensure your virus engine and updates never expire
Minimum Protection
Virus Only Plan plus ...
Spam Filtering Protection for all email accounts in your domain from unwanted email, generally from unknown senders
Email Spam Filtering Adds, Moves, and Changes Ensure email is properly managed
Solid Solution w/Minimal Administration
$25 w/Maintenance Plan Below
Basic Plan plus ...
Continuous Performance Monitoring Be alerted when bottlenecks occur
Continuous Hard Drive monitoring Know your hard drive is failing before it disrupts you
Quarterly Performance Reports Get data to ensure your system continues to operate at expected levels
Quarterly Hardware/Software Inventory Reports Keep informed of the age and quantity of your hardware and software for reporting and replacement planning
Discounted Labor Save on your normal technical support costs
Solid Solution w/Professional IT Administration
$35 w/Maintenance Plan Below
Advanced Plan plus ...
Technical Support Ticketing System w/Chat Allow all or designated users to submit support requests w/instant chat capability
Software/Application Updates Keep software and applications properly updated and patched
Advanced Android Mobile Device Management Support
Scheduled PC Maintenance Routine maintenance similar to server maintenance below
Business Class Solution w/Professional IT Management


Routine Scheduled Maintenance Designed Specially for Servers
Customized for Your Specific Need:
Monthly or Bi-monthly
Maintenance Activities:
- Record and Trend Storage Utilization (is storage shrinking?)
- Record and Trend CPU Utilization (is performance declining?)
- Verify Backup Plans (are backups completing as expected?)
- Application Management (are my applications at their current release level?)
- Event Log Review (is my server ill?)
- Unused File Deletion (is my server burdened managing files I could just as well delete?)
- Defragmentation (are my files so scattered around my hard drive that the operating system is struggling to manage them efficiently?)
- Virus Protection
- Continuous Performance Monitoring
- Continuous Hard Drive Monitoring
Ensure your system has a long and happy life!

We are proud to partner with you to strengthen your organization with a full suite of business support:

  • Wide Area Network (interfacing with carriers, VPN setup and maintenance, security, etc.)

  • Network Design, Installation, and Maintenance

  • On-site Support

  • Desktop/Laptop Installation and Maintenance

  • Local and Off-site Backup and Recovery Services>

  • Thin-client Solutions (Citrix and Terminal Server)

  • Virtual Servers

  • Technology Planning and Budgeting

  • Wired, Wireless, and Fiber Solutions for Office, Building, and Campus Networks