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The telephone is changing.  And frankly, it is getting a bit complicated for what telephones used to be.  We understand your uneasiness and we understand the changing landscape.  If you are located in Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, New Kent, or throughout Tidewater, Xactec is your local telephone systems partner.

Unlike the major carriers or vendors that make their living selling only telephones, our priority is your total technology.  We assist you in your telephone services solution by:

  • Helping you decide whether you actually need to replace/upgrade your phone system;

  • Determining whether premises, hosted, or VOIP is your best option;

  • Determining which telephone options are important for your office and how they are interrelated;

  • Establishing a phone system that is restored quickly in the event of an outage or failure and not at the convenience of the phone company or when the manufacturer can get the part and tech out to you;

  • Holding telephone carriers responsible.  We speak their language – but are on your side – and understand when they delay by asking you to needlessly check unrelated equipment or perform checks that have already been performed.

See our list of most frequent questions about cloud telephones.

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