Your business deserves technologies that complement each other.

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Most business class security systems require integration with your network to deliver the full functionality you require.  Do not rely on a “security-only” company when a company that understands network bandwidth, security, and reliability is what you need.  When you begin your search for a surveillance camera system for your business in Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, New Kent, or throughout Tidewater, Xactec has the video camera system or access control system to meet your needs.

Watch this video! Thieves don’t work just at night when you aren’t around! Don’t let this happen to you without a video record.

We will bring the full talents of a DCJS licensed provider delivered by degreed engineers to your video security, video camera system, or access system needs including:

  • Alarm Systems

  • 24 X 7 X 365 Burglar Alarm Monitoring

  • Real-time Video Monitoring (remote or on-site capture and image review)

  • Self-contained (no external power/data circuit required) Solutions

  • Access Control System (door keypads, locks, entrance/exit logging, biometric, fobs, maglocks, etc.)

  • Permanent/Fixed (building/home/compound/undeveloped wildlife land) Solutions

  • Security Planning