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YealinkPhone No gimmicks – you receive greater functionality at lower cost or we pay you $50 (or you may request one hour of technical support).

The only requirement is that you currently have a premises telephone system and broadband Internet connection.

Features you will enjoy (for less than you are paying now) include:

Plug in a phone set into any Internet connection (home, hotel, vacation home) and your work extension follows you happyphoneuser300X200
  • Turn your cell phone into a standard extension
  • Get your voicemail messages emailed to you as an attachment
  • Create conference calls across the system right from your desk or cell phone
  • Set up and change call flows, forwarding, and groups from the customer portal
  • Route calls to another extension or group of extensions and if nobody answers route again!
  • Incoming call routing to individuals or groups

We will help as much or as little as you wish in an environment entirely in your control and in a very personalized, easy-to-understand way.

Whatever your needs, we assist getting there. Call (757.564.6324) or email Melissa (mmichael@xactec) today! It’s a guaranteed win for you! One remote worker expressed her experience this way:

“As a mom, who works remotely from home, having the ability to stay connected to the home office with Xactec’s VoIP service couldn’t be more ideal. The phone system is flawless, allowing me to be connected with co-workers and increasing my efficiency. In reality, I am 300+ miles away, but it feels like I am in the next office! Within the first week of having the phone, my 2-year-old son decided to push as many buttons as possible, which reset my phone back to the standard factory settings. With a short 5-minute phone call, Xactec was able to remotely restore my phone settings and have me back up and running immediately! I would recommend the system to anyone who works remotely!”