Personalized solutions allow you to experience the full features of Internet Protocol (IP) telephone technology.  One size does not fit all!   You won't reach a call center operator when you need help. We come onsite when needed or wanted!  The video below explains Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  But first, how does switching to Xactec VoIP work?

How our no-pressure process works for you -

  • We visit your location to introduce Xactec and ensure we are a good fit to assist you and that you feel comfortable with us.  If a visit isn't practical we can also review the process over the phone.
  • Xactec works with you to assess your internet, local network, cabling infrastructure, and existing telephone contracts to ensure (if you should decide to move ahead) we both have all we need to provide you a complete solution without surprises.
  • Xactec prepares a cost proposal for your review and approval.
  • You authorize Xactec to migrate your "published" phone number(s) to VoIP services.  (unpublished phone numbers are no longer needed)
  • Together we schedule a "cut-over" date.
  • The day before cutover Xactec installs IP phones.
  • Your new phones begin ringing at 12 noon on the cutover date.
  • We remove and dispose of the replaced phones after 24 hours on the new system.
  • We provide training and an extension on your system to call Xactec with any "how-to" questions.  This extension can remain until you are comfortable with your new "feature-rich" phone system.