Improved Customer / Tenant / Employee Experience:

30% less electricity usage

Lighting can be set to follow ideal lighting patterns (circadian rhythm) to enhance occupant productivity and comfort

Automatically test emergency egress lighting with reports to meet conformance and maintenance requirements

Automatically capture room/space utilization and occupancy for planning and scheduling

Adjust brightness and temperature as needed for individual or groups of lights as needed.  Reconfigure lighting without an electrician or space disruption.

Adjust room HVAC based on occupancy count BEFORE traditional sensor detects temperature or CO2

Reduced  Construction Costs:

30% less steel (conduit)

30% less copper (smaller gauge cabling)

Temporary lighting without AHJ approval or cost of electrician

Smaller transformer

Smaller power/breaker panel

Smaller electrical room

Smaller backup power system

Fewer AHJ inspections

Lower risk of site accidents from electrical shock

Smart Buildings are Superior to Occupy, Build, and Operate

Smart Buildings with Power Over Ethernet (POE) lighting and automation are in broad use today, save tremendous amounts of construction and operating costs, and significantly improve the occupant experience.

POE lighting can follow the human circadian rhythm matching the human daily cycle improving productivity and sense of well-being.

Smart Buildings adjust HVAC, lighting, audio, and other systems based on occupancy saving significant operating costs.

Smart Buildings use very low voltages for many systems - voltages which are not a hazardous to humans.

Emergency egress lighting can be tested automatically.  Reports allow quick restoration of emergency egress systems and simplify compliance reporting.

The Cross-Trade Nature of Smart Buildings Require Continuous Onsite Design / Build Expertise to Ensure Ideal Project Progression and Coordination

Smart Buildings require skilled designers and equally skilled project management/installation to achieve the simplicity, flexibility, and features desired.  Xactec's roots are in computers and networking, we aren't electricians or a fire alarm company learning networking, we've been in the networking and computer world for over 30 years.

Xactec's RCDD is directly involved with every project, visits every project site regularly, and personally attends (in person) construction meetings.

Additionally, Xactec's RCDD:

  • Holds BS and MS in Computer Science (MS in Management)
  • Has over 30 years hands-on technician experience
  • Has over 20 years project management experience
  • Possess the discipline and commitment gained as a U.S. Coast Guard Officer
  • Holds a Virginia contractor (Class A) license

    Integrated Smart Building solutions demand your RCDD routinely interact onsite with the multitude of trades involved during construction.